How Ayurveda Treats Diabetes

By Ayuvi
March 10, 2021
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Earlier, people used to say that diabetes is an ailment of the elite. The high standard of their living, the luxury, the gluttony, and the laidback nature resulted in this disease.

But looking at the current scenario, Type-2 diabetes has become a widespread disease irrespective of its social status.

Our health and fitness management is so weak that it has led to increased diabetes, obesity, and other lifestyle diseases.

However, Ayurveda is known to offer suitable solutions that will help bring diabetes under control, to a great extent.

Types of Diabetes as per Ayurveda

Types of Diabetes as per Ayurveda

According to Ayurveda, diabetes can be classified into two types; Avarana and Dhatuksyaya. The first type occurs when some body tissues block the body vessels. When these tissues deteriorate, it results in the second type of diabetes.

Ayurvedic treatment for a diabetic person

Ayurvedic treatment for a diabetic person

Allopathic medicines can be too much for a person to handle sometimes, and they may require a patient approach to see the changes. Usually, people seek Ayurvedic herbs for diabetes because Ayurveda is renowned for its holistic healing approach and helps prevent diseases from entering the body. Indian meals use a lot of Ayurvedic help. It helps in health and fitness management for the body. Knowing each ayurvedic herb’s benefits allows us to understand better how Ayurveda regulates diabetes. Some of the primary ingredients that are used in Ayurveda, for diabetes, are:


Amla is rich in vitamin C and has many antioxidants, which is why it is the best option for regulating diabetes. Amla has chromium which helps the body to respond to insulin, that keeps the blood sugar regulated.


Fenugreek seeds, also called ‘methi dana’ in Hindi, are another option in the diabetic chart. It has curative properties that reduce blood sugar levels to a great extent, limiting the risk of diabetes.


The curative properties of this fruit are not known to many people. The extract of the leaves of this particular fruit is crushed and used as a remedy in the control and treatment of diabetes.


The idea behind adopting ayurvedic treatment is to follow a holistic and natural lifestyle that controls blood glucose levels, thus, preventing and treating diabetes and maintaining the health and fitness of our body. Embracing Ayurveda’s holistic lifestyle approach is the first step to combating the dangers and effects of diabetes and its related health problems.

Hence, if you have diabetes and don’t want to pursue allopathy, go for this holistic ayurvedic approach to cure your ailment, which will ultimately benefit your mind, body, and soul!



Does Ayurveda treat the restless legs that happen due to Diabetes?



Ayurveda believes in treating diabetes from the root cause. Hence, it always tries to reduce the damage caused to the nerves in Diabetes.
Therefore Ayurvedic treatment for Diabetes includes specific yoga asanas that uplift your nerves and regulate the blood flow.
Since every patient is different, every treatment also differs. But our main aim is to treat Diabetes from its root cause.


How does Fenugreek help in managing diabetes?



Fenugreek contains fibre and other chemicals that help in improving the production of insulin. It also slowers the body digestion so that all the carbohydrates are easily absorbed thereby, regulating the sugar levels.
Ayurvedic tips for diabetes management does include the consumption of fenugreek seeds to manage diabetes naturally.
Although the quantity of the seeds might differ depending on the severity of the case, you can easily manage Diabetes with Ayurveda.
The first step would be knowing your Prakruti and understanding your doshas before you start with the treatment.

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